An Affirmation of Capability and Credibility

As an airport retailer since 2004, Onsite Retailers is uniquely equipped to recognize and respond to the shopping and dining needs of the ticketed and badged airport community—traveling passengers, airline personnel and airport employees. We are a successful independent merchant, a licensed franchiser and a joint venture partner operating from six major Unites States airports and responsible for over 20 brands.

Our combined expertise in news & gifts and food & beverage affirms our comprehensive understanding of the business traveler. Our success, which is grounded solidly and deliberately on the foundation of delivering  a tailored and superior customer service experience, is largely achieved through our five-ring commitment to:

  • building and sustaining relationships in the airport and airport concessionaire communities,
  • supporting the communities in which we do business and establishing local vendor partnerships,
  • employing business-smart and innovative growth and management strategies,
  • developing on-going training and advancement opportunities for our employees, and, most significantly, 
  • understanding, anticipating and resourcefully attending to the needs and desires of the airport customer.

Onsite has been recognized in the travel industry by winning the Griesbach award for "Best Concession Program" and for receiving nominations such as “Best in News and Gifts Operator and Retailer with the Highest Regard for Customer Service" from Airport Revenue News (ARN). 

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A Wealth of Expertise

Our Executive Team is led by Sandy Roberts, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Terri Roberts, Vice President, who oversees development and merchandising.

Sandy is the managing partner of a Washington D.C.- based law firm. His legal acumen, along with his corporate leadership competences, secures and strengthened Onsite’s credibility with our partners. Terri’s background and executive–level experience in sales, merchandising, marketing, and event planning, is an asset to Onsite in the areas of project management, business relations and employee development.

Rajan Singh serves as General Manager for Onsite Retailers and Jaquelyn Douglas is our Regional Area Manager for Pinkberry operations. Our Finance Administrator is Lakeisha Briggs

PHOTO:  Terri and Sandy Roberts (on far right) at PHL Pinkberry opening in 2013.



An ACDBE Company

Onsite Retailers—through our parent company, Olympic Supply, Inc.—is certified as an Airport Concession Disadvantage Business Enterprise (ACDBE) by several certification authorities across the U.S. We hold ACDBE certification in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Onsite News is the only ACDBE news & gifts operator doing business independently at BWI airport. We are proud to be one of the first ACDBE news & gifts retailers to successfully operate outside of a JV partnership at BWI.

Sandy and Terri Roberts, the principals of Olympic Supply Inc., collectively own 100% of the company. To explore business development and partnership opportunities, contact Terri Roberts, Vice President.